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Advanced Course In Real estate accounting


AED 1,500


4 Months

About the Course

Skillmount is an exciting EdTech company located in Dubai. We're here to help people all over the UAE, KSA, and soon, the entire Middle East. Approved by KHDA, we follow all the rules for educational places in Dubai. Our goal is to help talented individuals learn new skills and information so they can find good jobs and have more chances for success in their careers.

our specialized course, "Advanced Course in Real Estate Accounting," tailored for individuals interested in real estate-specific accounting for both the UAE and KSA markets. Dive into the intricacies of financial management, property valuation, and lease accounting unique to the real estate industry in these regions. With this specialized knowledge, you'll be equipped to excel in accounting roles within the dynamic real estate sectors of the UAE and KSA. Join us at Skillmount and take the first step towards a rewarding career in real estate accounting!

Your Instructor

Reyanil Rehiman

A revered figure in accounting education, Reyanil Rahiman's teaching prowess is unmatched. His innovative approach captivates students, earning accolades for his ability to instill confidence and proficiency effortlessly.

Reyanil Rehiman
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